Mabadixt VS wolfsha 13 Aug, 2019 9:34 am


Clan: dLife1
Rank: 0
Server Rank: 4949
Global Rank: 11100
Apm: 187
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Clan: TheDOH
Rank: 0
Server Rank: 7098
Global Rank: 15566
Apm: 152
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Player Time Message
Mabadixt 00:10 gl hf
Mabadixt 00:14 kind of like how in romance novels
Mabadixt 00:17 you kiss your partner
Mabadixt 00:22 they forget their anger
Mabadixt 00:28 except
Mabadixt 00:31 this one is practic
Mabadixt 00:42 yeah i'm weird
Mabadixt 00:42 gl hf
wolfsha 00:47 hehe gl hf
Mabadixt 00:59 I didn't almost forget my rax nor lift my cc at the start
Mabadixt 01:01 whilst typic
Mabadixt 01:03 typing
wolfsha 01:13 fucking hell, loook at thenat wall
wolfsha 01:21 the fuck are these map makers thinking?
Mabadixt 01:36 no
Mabadixt 01:46 you do not kill my scv
wolfsha 01:46 thats 2 gates a cyber and tech
wolfsha 01:48 to wall taht
Mabadixt 01:59 *Have fun with that*
wolfsha 02:05 fuck no
wolfsha 02:09 im vetoing this peice of shit map
Mabadixt 02:09 Yes.
wolfsha 02:21 literaly unplayable pvz
Mabadixt 02:34 and rip fields
Mabadixt 02:38 slow*
Mabadixt 03:59 ho
wolfsha 04:14 i will have you know
wolfsha 04:15 i am no hoe
Mabadixt 04:33 *What*
wolfsha 04:53 you called me a ho
Mabadixt 04:56 i meant
Mabadixt 04:57 hi
wolfsha 05:03 im messsing
Mabadixt 05:06 ja
Mabadixt 05:06
Mabadixt 05:16 im supply blocked
wolfsha 05:30 im terified of that 2.1.1
Mabadixt 05:33 ?
Mabadixt 05:36 why
wolfsha 05:52 dont know when or where it is gonna hit
Mabadixt 05:59 hahahahaahahahahahhaahha
Mabadixt 09:04 what is that? mining?
Mabadixt 09:06 we dont do that here
wolfsha 09:24 u want minerals?
wolfsha 09:26 naah fam
wolfsha 09:28 u cant have that here
wolfsha 09:29 thast contra
Mabadixt 09:32
wolfsha 12:09 i hate this map
wolfsha 12:12 i actualy hate this map
wolfsha 14:22 im broke
wolfsha 14:24 im flat broke
wolfsha 14:35 i literayl cannot take a fourth base on this map
wolfsha 14:36 i dont htink
Mabadixt 14:39 I did
wolfsha 14:42 you can
wolfsha 14:45 but thast cause you are being agro
Mabadixt 14:46 why can I
Mabadixt 14:49 but you can not?
wolfsha 14:55 cause im on the defence
wolfsha 15:00 and both fourth is impossible to defend
wolfsha 15:02 or atleast looks it
Mabadixt 15:03 why not
wolfsha 15:06 or has increadable dificulty
Mabadixt 15:09 cannons in main / nat?
Mabadixt 15:10 and main army
Mabadixt 15:13 positioned
Mabadixt 15:15 middle of the map
wolfsha 15:17 the fourth above my third is stupid close to your base
Mabadixt 15:19 with observers on either attack
wolfsha 15:20 which is sooooo bad
Mabadixt 15:25 really isn't
wolfsha 15:26 and the other one is so close to the slow zone
Mabadixt 15:27 my units take a minute
Mabadixt 15:29 to get
Mabadixt 15:31 here
wolfsha 15:41 either way
wolfsha 15:43 im broke
wolfsha 15:43 gg

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