Panoramic VS DEXAR 09 Sep, 2019 6:01 pm


Apm: 48
MMR: 2803
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Apm: 19
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
DEXAR 00:36 have you thought that ...
Panoramic 00:54 ?
DEXAR 01:14 i ask you whether you thought that ...
DEXAR 01:33 one day ...
DEXAR 02:03 peace between protoss and terran would be possible
Panoramic 02:10
Panoramic 02:13 Just not today
DEXAR 02:25 if not today, at least one day ...
DEXAR 03:47 i like my people to prosper
DEXAR 03:52 war destroys them
DEXAR 06:25 from protoss, with love
DEXAR 07:41 how are you today?
DEXAR 07:50 health is good?
DEXAR 08:48 my probes are happy
Panoramic 08:59
DEXAR 09:20 they like life!
DEXAR 09:29 and peace
DEXAR 09:38 and love!
Panoramic 09:44 That is absolutely fucking hilarious!
DEXAR 10:21 hi
DEXAR 10:34 i will great you with one probe
DEXAR 10:46 hello
DEXAR 10:54 hi
Panoramic 10:57 hi!
DEXAR 11:06 you came in multitude!
DEXAR 11:34 did you have a good time?
DEXAR 11:40 how do you dance?
DEXAR 11:43 \dance
DEXAR 11:59 hahahahhaa
DEXAR 12:08 feels awesome!
Panoramic 12:15 It does
Panoramic 12:23 slash dance
Panoramic 12:27 forward slash
Panoramic 12:36 You need a non-rpobe though
DEXAR 12:52 yeah, can't make it dance on its own
DEXAR 13:23 sry
DEXAR 13:40 u can fly?
DEXAR 13:43 come to my base
DEXAR 13:58 hahaha
DEXAR 14:03 funny
DEXAR 14:15 it feels warmer
DEXAR 14:22 my heart is full
Panoramic 14:23 like penguins
DEXAR 14:31 jumping!
DEXAR 15:17 getting fuller!
DEXAR 15:28 okay, I think we manged to achieve great peace today!
Panoramic 15:33 we have
DEXAR 15:39 thank you!
Panoramic 15:46 you too!
DEXAR 15:58 be happy and see you in another life time!
Panoramic 16:02 bye!

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