Sarcophagus VS anarchist 07 Oct, 2019 4:21 pm


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Player Time Message
anarchist 00:08 yey
anarchist 00:13 smurfer
Sarcophagus 00:22 hi
Sarcophagus 00:28 you talk a lot
anarchist 00:32 why do u smurf?
Sarcophagus 00:41 to beat you
anarchist 01:00 how tiny is ur penis that u have to smurf
anarchist 02:39 why do u smurf?
anarchist 02:44 insecurity?
Sarcophagus 02:59 why do you talk a lot?
Sarcophagus 03:01 lonely?
anarchist 03:22 such a sad state to smurf and feel secure about ur tiny penis

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