wolfsha VS rodent 01 Dec, 2019 1:49 pm


Clan: TheDOH
Apm: 195
MMR: 4494
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Apm: 187
MMR: 4476
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Player Time Message
wolfsha 00:03 gl hf
rodent 00:05 gl hf
rodent 00:22 i actually made spores
rodent 00:26 and canceled them
wolfsha 00:28 XD
wolfsha 00:29 nice
rodent 00:35 when i saw the robo
rodent 00:44 stupid :p
wolfsha 00:49 did you think margeary or something?
rodent 01:00 dont know what that is
rodent 01:01 :p
wolfsha 01:08 2 immortal mass chargelot allin
wolfsha 01:10 2 base
wolfsha 01:12 no gas on nat
wolfsha 01:21 was popular a bit ago
rodent 01:24 yea some kind of gateway robo attack
wolfsha 01:50 yea, the units i had kind of tells you otherwise
wolfsha 01:52 no sentries
rodent 02:14 yea not a very good scout
wolfsha 02:19 it happens
rodent 16:01 oh
rodent 16:04 nydus nerfed
wolfsha 16:05 ?
wolfsha 16:06 kek
rodent 16:18 gg

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