RoboMan,Amerifat,Spring VS riki,Sindrom,Thayn 22 Jan, 2020 12:59 am


Apm: 141
MMR: 3092
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Apm: 128
MMR: 3092
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Clan: DFgsA
Apm: 89
MMR: 3092
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Apm: 69
MMR: 2923
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Clan: Verya
Apm: 96
MMR: 3090
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Apm: 48
MMR: 3066
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Player Time Message
Spring 00:02 gl hf
RoboMan 00:08 GLHF
Amerifat 00:25 idk any of these maps
Amerifat 00:29 hoiping walls wont matter
RoboMan 00:35 me either
Spring 00:36 probe
Spring 01:00 what did i wall off lol
Amerifat 01:15 getting rushed
RoboMan 01:16 im confused lol
Amerifat 01:18 cannoned
RoboMan 01:57 yikes
Amerifat 05:55 help
Spring 06:34 expend there
RoboMan 06:48 THATNKS
Amerifat 13:17 can we get sesnor towers?
Spring 15:25 they got us good
Amerifat 15:27 yea
RoboMan 15:31 GG
Spring 15:34 gg
Amerifat 15:36 maybe
RoboMan 15:44 GG
riki 18:34 Gg
Amerifat 22:47 MURICA
riki 23:43 gg

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