terranball,Void Shard VS Hybridprobe,Amon's Forces,pirates 11 Feb, 2020 10:38 pm


Apm: 51
MMR: 0
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Void Shard

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Apm: 108
MMR: 0
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Amon's Forces

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Player Time Message
Hybridprobe 00:22 ez
Hybridprobe 00:25 gl hf
terranball 01:12 everything is ez
Hybridprobe 01:16
terranball 01:57 u can probably solo this
Hybridprobe 02:27 did those ling just explode?
terranball 02:37 double edge
Hybridprobe 02:46 double edge don't explode
Hybridprobe 03:07 probably visual bug
terranball 03:13 probably ur high
Hybridprobe 04:12 lmao xD
Hybridprobe 08:34 you do bonus, i got these shard
terranball 09:19 this is sparta
terranball 09:22 we do what we want
Hybridprobe 09:23
Hybridprobe 10:03 well, as long as it doesn't involve killing your ally, I am with you
terranball 10:10 hmm
terranball 10:13 well u were annoying me
terranball 10:26 that was a likely result soon
Hybridprobe 10:41 your behavior is seen by many
terranball 10:49 like who
Hybridprobe 10:58 only to coop foroum
terranball 11:20 lol ur base is dead
Hybridprobe 11:27 meh don't need it
Hybridprobe 11:44 want it
Hybridprobe 11:46 ?
terranball 11:59 na im just hear to observe
terranball 12:23 observe and report they tell me
terranball 13:10 ur guy died
terranball 13:41 so the infestors spawn zerg
terranball 13:45 that makes no sense
Hybridprobe 14:00 i wish stukov work like this
Hybridprobe 14:34 also, i am sharing this because someone ask for a footage of how strett infestor work
terranball 14:38 i give u detection
terranball 14:59 ok sure
terranball 15:03 ill give u all the glory of battle
terranball 15:22 all ur spawns r ground
terranball 15:29 and their waves r air fyi
terranball 15:59 u got this dude
terranball 16:40 o man
terranball 16:45 how their guardians hit air
terranball 16:50 is that a new feature
terranball 19:57 i believe in u
Hybridprobe 20:28 k good enough

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