DeliCheese VS TacticalNuke 10 Feb, 2020 6:07 pm


Apm: 187
MMR: 2971
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Clan: PTHero
Apm: 221
MMR: 2963
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Player Time Message
TacticalNuke 00:08 glhf (hearts)
DeliCheese 00:14 glgl
TacticalNuke 00:59 15 wins i na row
TacticalNuke 01:16 its time for me to be humbled
DeliCheese 01:30 not from me
TacticalNuke 01:37 no?
DeliCheese 01:40 I terrible
TacticalNuke 01:46 and i main zerg
TacticalNuke 02:00 we are at an impass
DeliCheese 02:11
TacticalNuke 04:22 pp
TacticalNuke 04:22 kk
DeliCheese 04:22 k
TacticalNuke 04:22 you ready?
DeliCheese 04:22 y
DeliCheese 23:22 gg

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