Hornet VS A.I. 1 (Very Easy) 20 Feb, 2020 12:17 pm


Clan: PiGPan
Apm: 235
MMR: 3040
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A.I. 1 (Very Easy)

Apm: 0
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
Hornet 01:43 oops late pylon lmao
Hornet 02:03 usually 2 cannons 2 pylons
Hornet 02:07 if you plan on following up
Hornet 02:27 third cannon at home
Hornet 02:53 oops
Hornet 03:55 secondary probe
Hornet 05:20 thats mostly it
Hornet 05:27 warp gate a little bit later
Hornet 05:30 for stalker warp ins
Hornet 05:32 off one gate
Hornet 05:42 in case of some weird stuff

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