OrbitalPanda VS ENiGMA 24 Feb, 2020 5:25 pm


Apm: 64
MMR: -36400
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Apm: 55
MMR: 2001
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Player Time Message
OrbitalPanda 09:30 gg
OrbitalPanda 09:32 wp
ENiGMA 09:34 gg
OrbitalPanda 09:39 how you get more units?
ENiGMA 09:47 wym?
OrbitalPanda 10:02 you made a lot of units
OrbitalPanda 10:10 and i didnt make as many
ENiGMA 10:12 i have 4 bases
OrbitalPanda 10:18 oh shit
OrbitalPanda 10:21 damn
ENiGMA 10:25 ya zerg does that
OrbitalPanda 10:26 shouldve watched observer better
OrbitalPanda 10:33 i sent one down too
OrbitalPanda 10:35 feels bad man
ENiGMA 10:35 lol i can just send wave after wave lol
OrbitalPanda 10:44 yeah
OrbitalPanda 11:21 sois taking 4 bases risky
OrbitalPanda 11:28 or is that just something that becomes standard
ENiGMA 11:41 its risky if you cant defend
ENiGMA 11:48 being protoss you have to be careful
ENiGMA 11:52 everything is so expensive
OrbitalPanda 12:05 I was doing the classic make more shit then him strategy
OrbitalPanda 12:13 didnt expect the unit production from you tho
ENiGMA 12:15 ya that tough if im zerg
OrbitalPanda 12:29 so does that mean more scounting to counter?
OrbitalPanda 12:35 because i hate microing adepts
ENiGMA 12:53 i suggest lowkotv on youtube
ENiGMA 13:03 he has alot of great videos
OrbitalPanda 13:04 for toss?
ENiGMA 13:11 some are outdated but alot of its good info
OrbitalPanda 13:16 I mainly watch winter
ENiGMA 13:26 he watches pro games
OrbitalPanda 13:31 but I'll check his stuff out

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