fantasybo VS DankTemplar 23 Feb, 2020 8:33 pm


Apm: 165
MMR: 3472
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Clan: iDrunk
Apm: 159
MMR: 3453
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Player Time Message
DankTemplar 00:02 gl hf
fantasybo 00:08 dt rush?
DankTemplar 00:12 ewww
DankTemplar 00:16 why
fantasybo 00:19 ur name
DankTemplar 00:29 I wouldnt do something that lame
DankTemplar 00:30 lol
fantasybo 00:39 hmm
fantasybo 00:49 well see
DankTemplar 12:09 FOR SPARTAAAA
fantasybo 19:31 wtf is this
DankTemplar 19:40 THIS IS SPARTAAA
fantasybo 19:55 like a zeg
DankTemplar 19:58 xD

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