ProfKhaos VS Nameless 24 Mar, 2020 6:20 pm


Apm: 58
MMR: 2945
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Apm: 149
MMR: 2932
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Player Time Message
Nameless 00:07 glhf mate
ProfKhaos 00:17 YOU TOO BRO
ProfKhaos 00:25 sry caps
Nameless 00:26 YOURE SO NICE
Nameless 00:28 oh..
Nameless 01:14 thought you were excited to see me..
ProfKhaos 01:20 oh i am
Nameless 01:29 dont tease me..
Nameless 01:54 you have toilet paper?
ProfKhaos 02:16 a little
ProfKhaos 02:17 u
Nameless 02:25 nah finger painting
ProfKhaos 02:30 nice
ProfKhaos 04:11 did u forget to scoutzwz
ProfKhaos 06:51 whos winning
Nameless 08:31 u
ProfKhaos 08:43 say my name
ProfKhaos 08:46 lol
Nameless 08:57 PROKHAOS
ProfKhaos 09:04 thats hot
ProfKhaos 09:58 heres where i throw the game
ProfKhaos 10:48 there you go bro
ProfKhaos 10:51 all yours

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