RYNO VS llllllllllll 25 Mar, 2020 2:05 am


Apm: 116
MMR: 3520
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Clan: Dicboy
Apm: 295
MMR: 3504
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Player Time Message
RYNO 00:01 glhf
llllllllllll 00:05 u2
llllllllllll 01:57 standard play here brother
RYNO 02:10 good
llllllllllll 02:20 ur marine is mean
RYNO 02:26 dont look at my shit
llllllllllll 02:32 i wanna see thjo..
llllllllllll 02:34 u saw mine..
RYNO 02:40 send drone
llllllllllll 03:00 ys ur scv tghewre
llllllllllll 26:38 gg

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