Hocojerry VS Hoehammer 06 Apr, 2020 10:17 am


Apm: 69
MMR: 2914
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Clan: LMI42
Apm: 69
MMR: 2492
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Player Time Message
Hocojerry 00:10 gl hf
Hocojerry 00:48 ranked or unranked?
Hocojerry 01:55 ranked or unranked game for you
Hoehammer 02:01 ??
Hoehammer 02:05 it differs?
Hocojerry 02:13 it can
Hocojerry 02:18 im in unranked
Hocojerry 06:03 is this ranked for you
Hocojerry 08:10 haha
Hocojerry 11:50 hahhaha
Hoehammer 11:54 lolololololol,
Hocojerry 14:35 nooooooooo!!!!
Hocojerry 14:46 this was kinda fun
Hocojerry 15:05 i need to work on my probe micro
Hocojerry 15:54 GG

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