Minato VS SkiLongLion 22 May, 2020 7:40 am


Clan: Maison
Apm: 263
MMR: 3793
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Clan: НТТ
Apm: 194
MMR: 3752
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Player Time Message
SkiLongLion 00:35 gl hf
Minato 00:35 gl & hf
Minato 02:47 XD
Minato 02:51 i'm so slow
SkiLongLion 02:54 )
Minato 03:04 this game is too hard now
SkiLongLion 03:27 first?
Minato 03:37 i've stopped for a long tile
Minato 03:38 time
SkiLongLion 13:39 master leage?
Minato 13:42 no
Minato 13:46 i was dia
SkiLongLion 13:56 gg
Minato 13:58 gg

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