Hornet VS DruidMDT 02 Jun, 2020 9:05 am


Clan: PiGPan
Apm: 222
MMR: 3173
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Clan: GØSU
Apm: 36
MMR: 3389
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Player Time Message
DruidMDT 00:13 my scv's are a hunting party
DruidMDT 00:24 here lil lil ursadon.
Hornet 00:37 achievement will only show after the game btw
DruidMDT 00:57 killed one in teh lower right
Hornet 01:01 nice
DruidMDT 01:16 got it
Hornet 01:22 alrighty!
DruidMDT 01:24 killed the other in the top left
DruidMDT 01:30 SCV!!! MOUNT UP
DruidMDT 01:32 gg

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