Hornet VS DruidMDT 02 Jun, 2020 9:00 am


Clan: PiGPan
Apm: 237
MMR: 3958
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Clan: GØSU
Apm: 177
MMR: 3389
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Player Time Message
DruidMDT 00:21 glhf
Hornet 00:23 so i end up control clicking
Hornet 00:25 my starport
Hornet 00:26 and fact
Hornet 00:44 glhf
DruidMDT 01:59 ur scv is MINE HAHAHAHAHAAA
DruidMDT 19:59 wtf
DruidMDT 20:04 sooo many turrets
Hornet 26:13 thanks for minerals
DruidMDT 26:17 np
DruidMDT 26:55 gg
DruidMDT 27:00 i thought i would have wone that fight
Hornet 27:03 Gg
DruidMDT 27:04 with the concave i had
DruidMDT 27:13 is there an achievement on this map?
Hornet 27:16 yeah
Hornet 27:20 kill an ursadon
DruidMDT 27:28 kk i did that
Hornet 27:41 then oyu got it
DruidMDT 27:42 wolly fucker was in the way of building my base
DruidMDT 27:46 gg
Hornet 27:46 LOL
Hornet 27:48 ww!

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