Iba VS Eintopff 02 Jun, 2020 6:56 am


Clan: Lambro
Apm: 286
MMR: 4217
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Apm: 173
MMR: 4192
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Player Time Message
Iba 00:19 gl hf
Eintopff 00:23 glhf
Iba 00:45 i cant beat toss rn
Eintopff 00:55 dont worry, meto
Iba 00:58 i find it near impossible
Eintopff 01:17 it feels like yes..
Eintopff 01:25 thx to zest
Iba 01:27 like i finally kill the skytoss
Iba 01:31 then
Iba 01:35 30 stalkers
Iba 01:36 warp in
Eintopff 01:45 with 10 dts
Iba 01:48 ^
Iba 01:59 and then i have no money
Iba 02:00 even tho
Iba 02:05 i have 3 more bases
Iba 05:47 this season
Iba 05:52 zerg is trash
Eintopff 06:06 not sure about it
Iba 06:10 in the pro scene

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