Warchief VS woshinidaye 03 Jun, 2020 5:48 pm


Clan: TGosuB
Apm: 62
MMR: 2821
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Apm: 83
MMR: 2870
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Player Time Message
Warchief 00:03 glhf
Warchief 00:07 ni bu shi wo de da ye
Warchief 00:09 :P
woshinidaye 00:20 glhf
woshinidaye 00:34 沙雕
Warchief 00:39 lol
woshinidaye 00:50 what are you
Warchief 00:55 human
woshinidaye 00:59 race?
Warchief 01:02 terran?
Warchief 02:05 oops
Warchief 02:30 gg bioazi
woshinidaye 03:54 你是不是不大会玩啊
Warchief 07:11 gg wp cheeser
Warchief 07:12
Warchief 07:18 ni mama shi gou cao de
Warchief 07:20 haha

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