ToiletRoll VS SCH 28 Jul, 2020 7:38 pm


Apm: 71
MMR: 4092
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Apm: 137
MMR: 4181
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Player Time Message
ToiletRoll 00:00 gl hf
ToiletRoll 15:52 gg
SCH 15:53 gg
ToiletRoll 15:57 i used the bug so you cant win
SCH 16:14 oh i see
ToiletRoll 16:18 yup
SCH 16:22 i have a problem
ToiletRoll 16:24 draw is the best you can get
SCH 16:28 i click on a group
SCH 16:31 and i change
SCH 16:33 it changes
ToiletRoll 16:45 whats that?
ToiletRoll 17:04 i have a cc on the left
ToiletRoll 17:07 and 1 invisible
SCH 17:11 xd
ToiletRoll 17:12 this bug is stupid
ToiletRoll 17:19 9 oclock base
ToiletRoll 17:25 thats my last one
SCH 17:30 yes
SCH 17:34 true
ToiletRoll 17:41 but i have 1 invislble one
ToiletRoll 17:44 its a bug
ToiletRoll 18:44 thats my last visible buildings
ToiletRoll 18:49 im not even trolling you
ToiletRoll 18:58 my cc literally went invisble
ToiletRoll 22:58 you just need to stop mining/building anything for 129 seconds and it will detect a draw
SCH 23:12 im macroing
SCH 23:13 xd
ToiletRoll 23:37 aight but in the end its gonna be a draw anyway
ToiletRoll 23:42 im leaving my pc on goodbye
SCH 23:51 u should go quit
SCH 23:53 sc
SCH 23:56 and go play minecraft
SCH 23:58
ToiletRoll 01:02:41 gg wp

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