SFO VS derpski 28 Jul, 2020 11:36 pm


Apm: 109
MMR: 3492
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Clan: zthrow
Apm: 300
MMR: 3793
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Player Time Message
derpski 00:01 glhf
SFO 00:05 gl
derpski 00:25 cc inc?
SFO 00:35 but of course
derpski 00:49 crazy bug
SFO 00:53 but what will be in it
derpski 00:57 rines
SFO 01:59 wonder if GSL will happen tonight
derpski 02:17 don't they usually run old patch a nyway?
SFO 02:40 hopefully
SFO 03:33 oh no
SFO 03:37 it disappeared
SFO 03:40 lmao
derpski 04:01 hmm
SFO 04:09 watch the replay
SFO 07:00 theres no way this will work
derpski 07:46 loool
SFO 08:08 i was really hoping it would shoot from inside the CC
derpski 08:16 yea that would have been good
SFO 08:17 gg

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