MacroKing VS fredchicken 28 Jul, 2020 11:47 pm


Apm: 67
MMR: -36400
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Apm: 109
MMR: 2045
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Player Time Message
MacroKing 00:05 greetings
fredchicken 00:08 glhf
MacroKing 00:22 indeed
MacroKing 00:28 to you too my friend
fredchicken 00:32 ok
MacroKing 08:17 behold
MacroKing 08:20 it is i
MacroKing 08:37 captain jack sparrow
fredchicken 09:43 whats in there
MacroKing 09:49 deth
fredchicken 09:52 lol
fredchicken 09:58 nc meme strats
fredchicken 10:07 ill get you the win
MacroKing 10:10 nothing can kill me
fredchicken 10:12 bye

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