Sichuan VS TootToot 28 Jul, 2020 9:12 pm


Apm: 123
MMR: 3527
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Apm: 146
MMR: 3342
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Player Time Message
Sichuan 03:19 You really enjoy MH?
TootToot 03:27 rofl?
Sichuan 03:37 I have a replay of me doing this to you from before
Sichuan 03:42 And you look through the fog of war
Sichuan 03:44 That's why I did it again
TootToot 03:48 idk you?
Sichuan 04:04 We played before on ladder
Sichuan 04:07 Once
TootToot 04:19 idk who u are bro
Sichuan 04:28 I didn't say I fucked your sister
Sichuan 04:32 I said I played you on ladder

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