TheCowboy VS KanyeWest 15 Sep, 2020 7:28 am


Clan: Zorr0
Apm: 330
MMR: 6801
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Apm: 419
MMR: 6149
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Player Time Message
TheCowboy 00:00 ghlgl
KanyeWest 00:00 gl hf
TheCowboy 00:47 whatsup kanye
KanyeWest 01:05 doing great
TheCowboy 01:19 gkad to hear
TheCowboy 01:21 hows the music coming along
KanyeWest 01:35 gonna drop donda soon
TheCowboy 01:48 looking forward to it
TheCowboy 01:54 are you looking forward to this game as well?
KanyeWest 01:58 sure
TheCowboy 02:00 nice
TheCowboy 02:01 where are u from?
KanyeWest 02:18 chicago
TheCowboy 02:20 cool
TheCowboy 02:25 whos your wife
KanyeWest 02:28 kim
KanyeWest 05:54 gg

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