FEqualsMA VS Richard 17 Sep, 2020 7:37 pm


Clan: αX
Apm: 250
MMR: 5239
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Clan: Ris3n
Apm: 183
MMR: 4697
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Player Time Message
Richard 00:00 gl hf
FEqualsMA 00:19 hey, what was my mmr?
FEqualsMA 00:21 oops
Richard 00:23 5200
FEqualsMA 00:58 sry, im unranked
FEqualsMA 01:02 was asking last game person
Richard 01:06 oic, I can tell you after lol
FEqualsMA 01:09 tyty
FEqualsMA 01:13 glgl btw!
FEqualsMA 12:34 gg

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