Groovy VS Goomba 16 Oct, 2020 4:07 am


Apm: 345
MMR: 5119
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Apm: 330
MMR: 4649
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Player Time Message
Groovy 00:00 glhf
Goomba 00:00 stonks
Groovy 00:00 LOL
Groovy 00:08 everyones hopping on the train
Goomba 00:31 i am gonna play toss like nobody else
Groovy 00:31 no more balance changes might as well play the best race KekW
Goomba 00:45 ultra macro
Goomba 01:38 don't need a good ubild
Goomba 01:43 when you got 5x more than the othe guy
Groovy 01:43 not with toss
Groovy 01:54 lel
Groovy 02:00 2 gas isnt ultra macro
Groovy 02:02 pepeHands
Goomba 02:11 vtech hasn't kicked in yet yo
Groovy 04:47 hi
Goomba 04:58 hola
Goomba 12:06 damn i forgot how to make
Goomba 12:09 zealots and arhcons i guess
Goomba 12:10 gg

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