Florin VS DeadInside 20 Nov, 2020 9:07 am


Apm: 211
MMR: 3515
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Apm: 221
MMR: 3514
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Player Time Message
DeadInside 00:00 ghlf
Florin 00:00 hf
DeadInside 00:31 if u win its no fair
Florin 00:38 why that
DeadInside 00:50 u got gl and i only have fun
Florin 00:57 oh
Florin 00:59 gl
Florin 01:04 fair enought
DeadInside 01:07 )
DeadInside 01:07 yea
DeadInside 01:14 chances are even now
Florin 01:21 nop
Florin 01:22 ur terran
Florin 01:26 u have 60%
DeadInside 01:32 yea
DeadInside 01:33 t is imba
Florin 01:56 z slayer
Florin 22:12 gg

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