ForestGump VS NobodY 20 Nov, 2020 11:45 pm


Clan: MoWiz
Apm: 111
MMR: 3430
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Apm: 148
MMR: 3399
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Player Time Message
NobodY 00:04 gl hf
ForestGump 02:47 so unoriginal
ForestGump 02:56 have you ever had an original thought in your life
NobodY 03:15 45i just play like maru
ForestGump 03:20 no
ForestGump 03:22 you suck
ForestGump 03:26 so why not play non meta
ForestGump 03:29 like i dont get it
ForestGump 03:33 you will NEVER
ForestGump 03:36 EVER BE GOOD ENOUGH
NobodY 03:42 haha
ForestGump 03:42 so why not play to have fun
NobodY 03:44 k
NobodY 03:48 i am having fun
NobodY 03:49 lol

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