ElmerFudd VS zzzz 11 Jan, 2021 7:51 pm


Apm: 145
MMR: 4041
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Apm: 440
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
ElmerFudd 07:33 1 vr lol
ElmerFudd 07:36 so dumb
zzzz 07:38 terran?
ElmerFudd 07:47 lol
ElmerFudd 08:28 who makes 1 vr lol
ElmerFudd 08:31 such a nob
zzzz 08:35 u play like a terran
zzzz 08:42 and whine like oen
ElmerFudd 08:42 wtf
ElmerFudd 08:47 ur trash
ElmerFudd 08:48 100%
zzzz 08:52 am i right?
ElmerFudd 08:53 i promise u
ElmerFudd 09:02 but you know that already

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