TheSpiritFox VS Kusanagi 16 Jan, 2021 2:28 pm


Apm: 83
MMR: 2456
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Apm: 127
MMR: 2350
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Player Time Message
TheSpiritFox 00:07 gl hf
Kusanagi 00:13 glhf
TheSpiritFox 12:12 damn
TheSpiritFox 12:17 did not prepare for that many marines gg
TheSpiritFox 12:22 needed a bane nest
Kusanagi 12:22 gg
TheSpiritFox 12:32 so what rank are you actually
Kusanagi 12:38 almost d2
TheSpiritFox 12:45 yeah thats what i thought
Kusanagi 12:49 mhm
TheSpiritFox 12:58 im actually gold plat so what are you doing down here?
Kusanagi 13:05 smurfing
TheSpiritFox 13:08 yeah
TheSpiritFox 13:10 why?
TheSpiritFox 13:13 whats the point?
TheSpiritFox 13:22 Like I never had a shot at winning this
Kusanagi 13:29 practicing shit instead of sweating and playing ultra standard
TheSpiritFox 13:41 it kinda makes you an asshole though
TheSpiritFox 13:44 like this isnt a gg
Kusanagi 13:45 yep
Kusanagi 13:47 true
TheSpiritFox 13:49 its just me getting my shit pushed in
Kusanagi 13:51 tell blizz to ban me
TheSpiritFox 13:58 if they would i would
Kusanagi 14:00 I hate smurfs but they don't punish so I do it sometimes
TheSpiritFox 14:22 but they don't report the plats who loose 5 mins of homophobic rant so they sure arent gonna ban you
TheSpiritFox 14:33 ugh
Kusanagi 14:37 :shrug:
TheSpiritFox 14:47 find something else to do like I'm actually trying to improve and this doesn't help

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