chuckdoodle VS Cognite 17 Jan, 2021 11:18 am


Apm: 251
MMR: 4520
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Apm: 296
MMR: 3195
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Player Time Message
Cognite 00:00 glhf
chuckdoodle 00:00 gl hf
chuckdoodle 00:22 yeah if he went dts you ded
chuckdoodle 00:32 but pognite isnt like that
chuckdoodle 01:21 pognite is a gentlemen and never attacks
chuckdoodle 01:26 amazin
chuckdoodle 02:42 is that a wall?
chuckdoodle 02:47 i dun kno
chuckdoodle 09:04 no +2?
chuckdoodle 10:23 gg

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