Kyla VS chuckdoodle 22 Jan, 2021 3:52 pm


Apm: 425
MMR: 4606
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Apm: 277
MMR: 4496
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Player Time Message
chuckdoodle 00:00 gl hf
Kyla 00:00 glhf
Kyla 00:00 all of what I said
Kyla 00:06 applies assuming your build is good
chuckdoodle 00:15 3cc 1-1-1 raven tank
Kyla 00:15 if it's not and there are fundamental macro problems
Kyla 00:26 then it doesn't
Kyla 00:29 hmm
chuckdoodle 00:31 oh monkaS
Kyla 00:36 oh no I was just finishing my sentence
Kyla 00:36 lol
chuckdoodle 00:39 3cc builds die to protoss greed right?
Kyla 00:53 I don't think so
Kyla 00:56 probably just worse vs allins
Kyla 01:07 3 base terran > 3 base toss
Kyla 02:29 anyways, I hope some of my rambling helps
chuckdoodle 02:41 iut offered fresh perspective
chuckdoodle 02:48 i havent really thought of gas timings
chuckdoodle 02:49 before
Kyla 03:40 yea for a long time I tried to base it off of the base count
Kyla 03:44 but that's really hard
chuckdoodle 19:40 gg

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