amx VS hzheng 23 Jan, 2021 4:00 pm


Apm: 296
MMR: 3822
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Apm: 193
MMR: 3844
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Player Time Message
hzheng 00:00 glhf
amx 00:00 hi, gl hf !
hzheng 14:57 gg
amx 14:59 gg
amx 15:00 wp
hzheng 15:04 guess disruptors were late
amx 15:12 maybe yea
amx 15:14 it's op ^^
hzheng 15:21 btw, do i need colossus to stop tank pushes?
hzheng 15:29 Like when u attacked my 3rd
amx 15:33 no you defend well
hzheng 15:35 and denied it
hzheng 15:42 sure, thx
amx 15:42 just to greed
hzheng 15:44 ggwp
hzheng 15:46 yeah...

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