TheSpiritFox VS NewBootGoofn 24 Feb, 2021 3:40 pm


Apm: 85
MMR: 2554
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Apm: 279
MMR: 2606
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Player Time Message
NewBootGoofn 00:00 glgl im protoss
TheSpiritFox 00:04 gl hf same
TheSpiritFox 13:28 what the fuck what leage are you
NewBootGoofn 13:38 with terran my main
NewBootGoofn 13:41 im 4400
TheSpiritFox 13:44 ahh
TheSpiritFox 13:49 playing down in the 2500s
NewBootGoofn 13:51 just trying random
TheSpiritFox 13:53 explains things
NewBootGoofn 13:56 yeah new account
TheSpiritFox 13:59 ugh
TheSpiritFox 14:13 well gg have fun stomping your goddamn way back up into high diamond or low masters fuck
NewBootGoofn 14:18 gg
NewBootGoofn 14:19 glgl

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