kushfuhrer VS KarlKoch 06 Apr, 2021 1:00 am


Apm: 144
MMR: 3847
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Apm: 149
MMR: 3937
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Player Time Message
KarlKoch 00:00 gl hf
kushfuhrer 00:06 glhf
kushfuhrer 00:21 is karl koch one of those
KarlKoch 00:25 ?
kushfuhrer 00:26 billionarie funder guys?
KarlKoch 00:29 no
kushfuhrer 00:33 ok npnp
kushfuhrer 11:56 gg
kushfuhrer 11:58 how...
kushfuhrer 12:04 can i beat this?
KarlKoch 12:07 tanks
KarlKoch 12:10 in position
kushfuhrer 12:11 is that it?
kushfuhrer 12:14 its just endless amoves
kushfuhrer 12:19 despite me having a better macro and early game
kushfuhrer 12:22 i do not understand sc2 soemtimes
kushfuhrer 12:29 it just doesnt feel fair lol
KarlKoch 12:33 better early game?
KarlKoch 12:34 why?
kushfuhrer 12:37 well
KarlKoch 12:40 cause you killed 2 drones?
kushfuhrer 12:45 i mean
kushfuhrer 12:49 if you lose 2 drones to a reaper
kushfuhrer 12:49 yah
kushfuhrer 12:59 and then just get denied all over
kushfuhrer 13:02 idk i dont expect to get amoved is all
KarlKoch 13:10 what did you deny?
kushfuhrer 13:14 4th
KarlKoch 13:16 i had 5 bases
kushfuhrer 13:18 you do now
kushfuhrer 13:26 like
KarlKoch 13:28 i had when i needed
kushfuhrer 13:29 you lost a 4th
kushfuhrer 13:30 ok
kushfuhrer 13:38 but you got denied a 4th and lost like 2 drones to a reaper
kushfuhrer 13:40 thats not good
kushfuhrer 13:45 is what im saying
KarlKoch 13:47 but 2 drones
KarlKoch 13:52 thats like 150 minerals
kushfuhrer 13:58 it counts a lot early on
kushfuhrer 13:59 im just saying
kushfuhrer 14:04 what did you do that was good early game?
KarlKoch 14:09 macro
kushfuhrer 14:14 uh
kushfuhrer 14:16 what does that mean
KarlKoch 14:21 drones
KarlKoch 14:23 lots of them
kushfuhrer 14:24 right
kushfuhrer 14:26 i see
kushfuhrer 14:31 on the other hand i didnt make drones!
kushfuhrer 14:32 good job
kushfuhrer 14:39 i totally didnt make any scvs lol
kushfuhrer 14:47 good point. you did macro and i didnt
KarlKoch 14:55 didn't say that
kushfuhrer 14:57 ok
KarlKoch 15:02 but in the fights i did prespread
KarlKoch 15:05 attacked from 3 angles
kushfuhrer 15:08 yeah
kushfuhrer 15:09 i suppose thats it
kushfuhrer 15:11 but thats like
KarlKoch 15:12 and had juicy connections
kushfuhrer 15:12 so easy
kushfuhrer 15:18 yeah i couldnt be asked to micro
KarlKoch 15:18 you have drops
kushfuhrer 15:31 i dont think thats easy
kushfuhrer 15:50 but i suppose
kushfuhrer 15:51 i must accept
kushfuhrer 15:53 this is game
kushfuhrer 15:53 sorry
kushfuhrer 15:54 gg

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