wid,XanthiX VS ATuaMaeDQuat,Individual 08 Apr, 2021 6:37 pm


Apm: 53
MMR: 2878
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Apm: 43
MMR: 2034
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Apm: 113
MMR: 2872
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Apm: 78
MMR: 2679
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Player Time Message
Individual 00:31 2 zerglings 1 cup?
ATuaMaeDQuat 00:46 ? stupid or dumbasshole?
Individual 01:04 u dont know and u call pple stupid?
Individual 01:07 u stupid
Individual 04:35 u are fine
ATuaMaeDQuat 04:39 play or leave noob
ATuaMaeDQuat 04:58 Reallly??? no help?
ATuaMaeDQuat 05:12 fu stupid biiitch allie
Individual 07:36 'total redard
Individual 07:38 my ally
ATuaMaeDQuat 07:42 me? lol
ATuaMaeDQuat 07:44 me?? lol
ATuaMaeDQuat 14:22 3 noobs
ATuaMaeDQuat 17:36 3 n oobs
Individual 17:40 u nub
Individual 17:42 i pro
ATuaMaeDQuat 17:46 lol
ATuaMaeDQuat 17:48 lolololol
wid 17:49 yes you are good player
wid 18:11 you can be happy have a good nigth

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