HeartcorE VS KarlMarxxx 09 Apr, 2021 2:11 pm


Apm: 260
MMR: 3362
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Apm: 121
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
KarlMarxxx 00:00 glgl
HeartcorE 00:08 sorry man
HeartcorE 01:41 WTF
HeartcorE 01:46 cmon xD
KarlMarxxx 02:32 soooorry
HeartcorE 02:37 its ok man
HeartcorE 02:47 you gonna get it back i promise
KarlMarxxx 02:57 kk
HeartcorE 02:59 (hearts)
HeartcorE 03:01
KarlMarxxx 13:00 gg
HeartcorE 13:02 gg

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