ZerO VS iloveyou 10 Apr, 2021 9:48 am


Apm: 114
MMR: 3745
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Apm: 382
MMR: 3724
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Player Time Message
ZerO 00:00 gglhf
iloveyou 00:03 gl noob
ZerO 00:10 ok
iloveyou 00:15 ok
ZerO 00:20 ok
iloveyou 00:25 dont cry loser
ZerO 00:28 ok
iloveyou 03:15 ok
ZerO 03:20 ok
iloveyou 06:22 ez
ZerO 06:29 kk
iloveyou 08:33 ez
iloveyou 40:34 ey
ZerO 41:01 hey
ZerO 41:14 btw gg, just finished my snack... I'll go for some drink
iloveyou 41:17 you only stupid noob LOL
ZerO 41:28 see ya

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