happystick VS Wizzer 10 Apr, 2021 7:26 pm


Apm: 58
MMR: 0
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Apm: 51
MMR: 0
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Player Time Message
happystick 00:00 glhf
Wizzer 00:37 thisd map so dumb
happystick 00:43 i like it xd
Wizzer 00:45 my drones are retarded
happystick 01:00 yeah i saw that bug
happystick 01:09 i think u can prevent it with pool placement
Wizzer 02:11 think this is gg lol
happystick 02:16 yeah
Wizzer 02:21 i wonder why this si so different
Wizzer 02:24 to oxide
happystick 02:29 what do you mean
Wizzer 02:33 I guess I see it later
happystick 02:37 oh
Wizzer 02:37 like on oxide
Wizzer 02:42 my ovie sees it early
happystick 02:42 yeah you see this one later
Wizzer 02:50 before I put down ahtch even
happystick 02:54 i would make it closer to the ramp if i could
happystick 02:55 trust me xd
Wizzer 02:58 haha
happystick 03:00 the closer the better
Wizzer 03:16 is it really?
happystick 03:19 yes
Wizzer 03:22 I know it is vs P and T
happystick 03:28 with canon into 1 base allin closer to ramp is always better
Wizzer 03:30 cuz on shit like deathaura
happystick 03:30 canon into macro
happystick 03:33 farther is better
happystick 03:37 because spines cant get canons
happystick 03:40 and you'
Wizzer 03:42 like if I can attack from high ground
Wizzer 03:45 its so good
happystick 03:46 you just tryna delay nat
happystick 04:00 its fine if im allinning because i can just sit on highground
happystick 04:05 with shield batteries right behind me
happystick 04:12 but if im canoning into macro transition
Wizzer 04:13 oh like the zealot
happystick 04:17 then farther away is better
Wizzer 04:20 hmm
happystick 04:25 no not just the zealot
happystick 04:29 i can make stalker battery
happystick 04:34 and sit highground
happystick 04:51 ok i got the wall
Wizzer 04:53 oh yeah true
happystick 05:00 gonna take a screenshot from replay
Wizzer 05:02 things mix up in my head lol
Wizzer 05:10 like I feel like gate forge is bad on deathaura
happystick 05:10 what u mean
Wizzer 05:15 but forge gate good
happystick 05:15 no
happystick 05:23 gate forge is good too
happystick 05:24 on deathaura
Wizzer 05:26 really?
happystick 05:27 i've seen grimmy do it
happystick 05:28 yes
happystick 05:32 if you can do it right
Wizzer 05:36 I always felt like I have so much creep
Wizzer 05:43 and I dont struggle vs gate forge at all
Wizzer 05:49 but maybe they arent doing it right
happystick 05:53 yeah
happystick 05:55 grimmy is a god
happystick 06:02 if he sees 12 pool with gate forge he just macros tho
happystick 06:14 cant really canon with gate forge
happystick 06:16 if they 12 pool
happystick 06:32 lets try something else

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