Barcode VS nTzzzz 10 Apr, 2021 12:11 pm


Apm: 309
MMR: 4836
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Apm: 394
MMR: 4913
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Player Time Message
nTzzzz 00:00 hfhf
Barcode 00:03 glgl
nTzzzz 00:24 1sec plz
Barcode 00:24 ?
nTzzzz 00:24 sound
Barcode 00:24 ok
nTzzzz 00:24 ty
nTzzzz 00:24 go?
Barcode 00:24 gogo
Barcode 26:36 man i threw this hard
Barcode 26:47 lurkers are good right?
nTzzzz 27:00 SURE
Barcode 28:15 i cant gg this lol

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