general VS ninja 10 Jun, 2021 11:22 am


Apm: 83
MMR: 2332
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Apm: 90
MMR: 2729
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Player Time Message
general 00:03 glhf
ninja 00:07 glhf
general 10:49 i always lose to widow mines
general 11:22 how
general 11:23 to deal
general 11:25 with widow mines
general 11:28 teach me
general 11:30 dude
general 11:34 hello?
general 11:37 what are you doing
general 11:38 finish me
general 11:49 ?
general 13:21 wtf
general 13:27 what do you want
general 13:40 ???
general 14:50 WHAT DO YOU WANT
general 14:52 TELL ME
general 15:21 pls tell me
general 15:24 what do you want
general 15:50 what do you want
general 15:57 i have nothing

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