Odo VS Guinness 21 Jul, 2021 10:07 am


Apm: 173
MMR: 4807
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Apm: 198
MMR: 5027
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Player Time Message
Guinness 00:00 gl hf
Guinness 05:55 congrats
Odo 06:02 ty
Guinness 06:07 great thinking
Guinness 06:10 500iq
Odo 06:10 u2
Odo 06:13 nice f2 on the drop btw
Guinness 06:21 its empty lol
Odo 06:29 nice job
Guinness 06:41 yeah i know
Guinness 07:11 have fun
Odo 07:17 lmao ur so salty
Odo 07:23 how do you get this mad
Odo 07:26 from losing a computer game
Odo 07:33 even kids dont do this

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