eGang VS Icyeye 26 Sep, 2021 5:18 am


Apm: 75
MMR: 3034
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Apm: 151
MMR: 3018
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Player Time Message
Icyeye 00:00 glhf
eGang 00:00 gl hf
eGang 07:40 lol
eGang 33:10 cheat
eGang 33:23 lame
eGang 35:07 cheaters are losers who cannot win otherwise
Icyeye 35:11 LOL
eGang 35:20 lol?
eGang 35:24 whats funny?
eGang 35:25 idito cheater
Icyeye 35:29 no cheat
Icyeye 35:38 just offrace
eGang 39:08 map hack
eGang 39:12 obvious
eGang 39:13 idito cheater
Icyeye 39:14 sutre
Icyeye 39:16 sure
eGang 39:17 banned soon
Icyeye 39:19 nobb

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