Ari VS MacroTrustMe 08 Oct, 2021 3:58 pm


Apm: 156
MMR: 3597
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Apm: 125
MMR: 3779
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Player Time Message
MacroTrustMe 00:00 glhf
Ari 00:15 hfgl
MacroTrustMe 00:29 random with 10 s delay on the glhf
MacroTrustMe 00:34 alarm bells are ringign right now
Ari 00:58 keep calm
MacroTrustMe 05:58 lol
MacroTrustMe 06:03 clem right there
MacroTrustMe 12:25 oh jesus
MacroTrustMe 12:32 dont look one time and poof
MacroTrustMe 12:46 gg

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