stonehold VS JGoka 19 Nov, 2021 5:56 pm


Apm: 27
MMR: 0
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Apm: 30
MMR: 1781
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Player Time Message
JGoka 19:43 gg
JGoka 21:33 why hasnt the game ended?
JGoka 21:35 im confused
stonehold 21:43 XD
stonehold 21:49 you should know
JGoka 21:56 still kinda new
JGoka 22:07 havent played in a while, just got back in a few months ago
JGoka 22:14 you have another base maybe?
JGoka 22:36 wait
JGoka 22:46 the game doesnt end unless all probes are dead?
stonehold 22:52 no
stonehold 23:17 ill tell you your mistake here
JGoka 23:23 ?
stonehold 23:31 if i had 400 minerals i would recovering right now
stonehold 23:36 but i have 200
stonehold 23:41 so im dead here
JGoka 23:54 i still dont get it
stonehold 24:16 if you dont destroy all opponents buildig, you will not win
JGoka 24:23 -.-
stonehold 24:24 buildings*
stonehold 24:32 or your opponent will recover
JGoka 24:36 ugh
JGoka 24:48 i was thinking league of freaking legends-.-
stonehold 24:50 or if you eliminate all of his tropes and proves too
stonehold 24:51 lol
JGoka 24:51 thanks dude
stonehold 24:53 lol
stonehold 24:55 np
JGoka 24:57 gg

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