terranisimba VS Killosopher 23 Nov, 2021 4:42 pm


Apm: 197
MMR: 3127
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Apm: 145
MMR: 3183
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Player Time Message
Killosopher 00:00 hi glhf
terranisimba 00:05 gl hf
Killosopher 00:13 tell race or no?
terranisimba 00:18 lmao
terranisimba 00:19 zerg
Killosopher 00:23 ty
Killosopher 00:42 i understand playing with the advantage tho
terranisimba 01:04 its not even that
terranisimba 01:07 i type slo
terranisimba 01:20 w
Killosopher 01:29 oh its k
terranisimba 03:51 sick build bor
terranisimba 03:52 bro
Killosopher 04:04 normally makes my opponents mes up
terranisimba 04:58 i think a medivac would help
terranisimba 05:08 just my 2 cents
Killosopher 05:09 yeah
Killosopher 05:20 messes witht he follow up tho
terranisimba 19:14 why arent you sniping
Killosopher 19:25 honestly? because i forgot lol
Killosopher 20:21 thanks for the reminder lol
terranisimba 20:31 especially against lurker
terranisimba 23:28 gg

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