youeverheard VS HyperONE 06 Dec, 2021 4:56 am


Apm: 176
MMR: 2691
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Apm: 209
MMR: 2772
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Player Time Message
youeverheard 00:00 WOW
HyperONE 00:00 um...what the fuck?
youeverheard 00:05 glhf
HyperONE 00:05 I mean
HyperONE 00:08 I can leave at the end
HyperONE 00:09 but glhf
youeverheard 00:12 NO
HyperONE 00:14 oh?
HyperONE 00:15 ok
youeverheard 00:25 winnig an losing game is an insult for me
HyperONE 00:29 hmm
HyperONE 00:32 I could just leave now
youeverheard 00:39 no need
HyperONE 00:41 tbh I did this just to mess with you so it's not fair to play this out
HyperONE 00:58 I don't think it would be right to stay
youeverheard 00:58 i love to play aginst you
HyperONE 01:01 you sure?
youeverheard 01:03 revenge time
HyperONE 01:04 well glhf
youeverheard 01:11 glhf
youeverheard 06:52 what's your main race btw if you don't mind me ask
HyperONE 06:56 terran
youeverheard 07:14 COOL
HyperONE 07:18
youeverheard 22:29 AYAYA
youeverheard 22:32 ggwp
HyperONE 22:34 GG

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