Boomhauer VS JustChadding 11 Jan, 2022 7:48 pm


Apm: 305
MMR: 4815
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Apm: 230
MMR: 5019
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Player Time Message
JustChadding 10:01 you konw
JustChadding 10:02 playing vs garbage
JustChadding 10:05 its hilarious
Boomhauer 10:07 LOL
Boomhauer 10:09 thanks for easy game
Boomhauer 10:12 im unranked too
JustChadding 10:12 no worries
JustChadding 10:14 you are a virgin
JustChadding 10:17 i expect no less
Boomhauer 10:18 jajaj
Boomhauer 10:20 ok
JustChadding 10:23 you are a nerd
JustChadding 10:24 a comptuer nerd
JustChadding 10:29 you dont do anythign wtih your life
JustChadding 10:32 i'm not surprised if you wuin
JustChadding 10:40 you're probahbly not even a software
JustChadding 10:41 engineer
JustChadding 10:45 just a nerd living at home
JustChadding 10:47 like a loser
JustChadding 10:49 AHAHAHA

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