Torak VS ninebar 17 Jan, 2022 7:53 pm


Apm: 79
MMR: 2478
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Apm: 151
MMR: 2460
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Player Time Message
Torak 00:04 gl hf
Torak 00:49 hello?
ninebar 00:57 *hi glhf
Torak 16:46 you are a jerk
ninebar 16:52 *???
Torak 16:57 YOU
Torak 16:57 as in the person playing againsts
Torak 16:57 ARE
Torak 16:57 as in, the following is a description of you
Torak 16:57 A JERK
ninebar 16:57 *why?
Torak 16:57 as in you are a jerk
Torak 16:57 I don't know why you are a jerk
Torak 16:57 but it's obvious that you are from the way you choose to play
Torak 18:30 FUKING LOSER
Torak 18:31 you are such trash
ninebar 18:31 *why am i a loser?
ninebar 18:31 *how so?
Torak 18:31 same answer as before fuktard
Torak 18:31 and feigned ignorance is PATETIC
Torak 18:31 sorry I mean, FUKING PATHETIC
ninebar 18:31 *because you cant win with marines?
Torak 18:31 no becuse you are a jerk
Torak 18:31 you are utter fuking trash
ninebar 18:31 *for winning?
Torak 18:31 an unskiled fukwit
Torak 18:31 no win lose or draw you are trash
ninebar 18:31 *(hearts)

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