ForEvrBronze VS PracticeAcc 17 May, 2022 5:12 am


Apm: 209
MMR: 4261
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Apm: 148
MMR: 3649
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Player Time Message
PracticeAcc 00:00 gl hf
ForEvrBronze 00:10 I'll need it. Terran OP
ForEvrBronze 00:21 hf
ForEvrBronze 02:54 why would u scv scout if ur going reaper?
ForEvrBronze 09:49 fuck you
ForEvrBronze 09:49 u suck so much
PracticeAcc 09:49 ???
ForEvrBronze 09:49 Dont even go back to defend
PracticeAcc 09:49 u lost tho
ForEvrBronze 09:49 Siege tank OP af
ForEvrBronze 09:49 that's why i lost
ForEvrBronze 09:49 stupid nigger terran

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