OldEvenBeard VS frugs 20 Jun, 2022 4:27 pm


Apm: 181
MMR: 4802
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Apm: 155
MMR: 4494
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Player Time Message
OldEvenBeard 00:00 gl hf
frugs 00:05 gl hf
frugs 00:20 last guy called me a map hacker
OldEvenBeard 00:30 ok
OldEvenBeard 00:44 are you?>???
frugs 00:47 no
OldEvenBeard 00:50 ok then
frugs 00:52 he built a spine in my main
frugs 00:56 but in the wrong spot
frugs 01:00 so I had vision
OldEvenBeard 01:11 happens
frugs 01:12 and then said I: was hacking
OldEvenBeard 01:44 i dont think you map hack
frugs 01:51 thanks!
OldEvenBeard 01:55 no prob
frugs 02:01 hahahaahah
frugs 02:03 gg wp
OldEvenBeard 02:05 gg

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